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Signs That Your Computer May Have a Malware Infection

We at 24*7 Tech Team know how it important an efficient computer is. Many people rely on their computers for work, entertainment, and organization. This is why it can be devastating when a computer contracts a malware inflection. Although this may not destroy the computer completely like other viruses, a malware infection can cause a great deal of harm to a computer. All computer owners should be able to identify the signs that a computer has contracted a malware infection.

Computer is No Longer Working to Full Potential could be a sign of malware Infection.

There are a number of signs that computer owners should be on the lookout for when trying to identify a malware infection. One of the first is the efficiency of the computer. After contracting a malware infection, a computer will gradually begin to become slower and slower. Not only will the computer take a longer time to boot up, but the applications and features of the computer will also work at a slower pace.

Invasive Ads and Pop Ups are a sign of malware infection.

The internet is absolutely filled with annoying ads and pop ups. These digital distractions are usually just a nuisance, however, they can also be a sign of a malware infection. If the computer owner is not on the internet and starts to receive strange ads or pop ups, their computer very well may have a malware infection. At 24*7 Tech Team, we advise everyone to avoid clicking on any of these pop ups. If possible, close them by pressing the “X” button of the window. If that doesn’t work, the computer owner can try force quitting out of the pop up or resetting the computer.

Malware Infection is most likely the reason your home page has mysteriously changed

The “home page” is the first page that appears after opening up the internet browser. Most computers owners will set their home page as a search engine or one of their favorite sites. If a computer is working properly, the home page will not change unless the user does so manually. However, if the home page mysteriously changes out of nowhere, there is a chance that the computer has contracted a malware infection.

Although it may not be fatal, malware infections can do a large amount of damage to a computer. Anyone whose computer has recently slowed down, began showing pop ups, or has had its home page mysteriously changed may be dealing with a malware infection. Although some are able to fix it themselves, we highly recommend that any infected computer is taken to the pros at 24*7 Tech Team. We can use our experience and industry knowledge to have your computer fixed in no time at all.

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