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Slow Windows – Don’t worry!

Are you avoiding working on your computer nowadays? Is working in your computer means invitation of boredom? Oh, the slow Windows operating system of your computer is the reason behind it, right? Don’t worry; neither you need not to format your hard-drive not you need to avoid working on the system. Now you can resolve all your Windows speed issues in easiest of manner, this blog will help you to do so.

Presence of too many software and programs can make your Windows operating system slow. If your computer has loads of software then you are recommended to remove all the unnecessary programs from your hard-disk. Then you will definitely see a considerable change in your Windows speed.

Clean your temporary files and cache memory: Yes, in order to keep your computer fast you need to do this task on a regular basis. Performing these tasks is very simple. Go to Run -> %temp% -> Press Enter. Then a window will open, where you will see a lot of files. Simply delete all the files from there.

To clean the cache memory, go to your Internet browser(s) and go to the clean cache memory option and from there clear your computer’s Cache.

Fix Registry errors: Yes, if your computer’s registry segment has errors then it will affect the booting speed of your computer. So, install a good registry cleaner and fix all your registry errors in easiest of manner.

Though these are the basic steps of resolving slow Windows problem, but these are the most effective ones. In case of advanced computer help do not hesistate to call a remote Windows troubleshooting service provider.

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